The Story Behind Osteostrong In Abilene

It all started with Tony Robbins’ book Life Force, in January 2022. That was the first time I ever heard the word Osteostrong.

Really I guess it all started in October 2020, when my wife Suanna fell and broke her hip. Ambulances, emergency surgery, weeks in rehab during COVID. Not a fun time.

Which is why of all the things in Tony’s book, from stem cell healing, to regrowing hair for bald men like myself, Osteostrong caught my attention. I said to myself:

“If this really works, it needs to be everywhere. Especially Abilene.”

That started Ron and Suanna’s journey, first to find out if it worked, and then to do something they’d never done before. Open a brick and mortar, health and wellness business.

We joined the nearest Osteostrong to Abilene, the one in Colleyville. This meant a 3 hour drive each way to go to our sessions. Luckily you only have to go once a week. But we did that for months.

About 8 weeks in, I was convinced it worked.

Obviously this wasn’t because Suanna’d had another DEXA scan and seen bone growth. That’s way too short a time for those results. Rather, I put on 8 lbs of lean body mass.

You see at the same time I was going to a doctor who required me to get on a fancy body composition scale. I’ve been weighing myself with a scale that gives me body fat percent for years, but this was a whole other level of accuracy and specificity. I’d known my percent body fat had been the same for awhile, but my weight had gone up. That meant I wasn’t gaining fat, it was something else. The doctor’s scale confirmed this.

Now that I knew Osteostrong could deliver incredible results, I decided to come out of retirement and buy an Osteostrong franchise. Anyone who has opened a business knows it is a process. Add in a business that requires finding a location, doing build out, getting equipment delivered and installed, dealing with supply chains in the post-COVID era, contractors…well, you get the point. It ain’t easy.

But I kept telling myself, “Osteostrong needs to be everywhere, especially Abilene.”

I was determined to do it as quickly as possible and spent day after day pushing everyone from Osteostrong corporate to my contractors and electricians to get things done. I experienced more stress than anytime in my life, but I was determined. I was going to get this thing open.

And we did. We opened the Tuesday after Thanksgiving for those people who needed a solution to their osteoporosis that didn’t involve drugs with horrible side-effects, and believe in us to provide it. There were literally wires hanging from the ceiling and half our modalities weren’t there, but we opened.

That’s when lives started to change.

Members started telling us things like, after one session back pain they’d had every morning for years was gone. A 93 year old member came in the first time with a walker and wouldn’t let it out of her reach as we helped her go from machine to machine. Three weeks later she parked that walker at the door and did her session without it.

Osteostrong needs to be everywhere, especially Abilene, because it changes lives.

Can it change yours?

About Ron

A life-long and continuing obsession with making himself the best human he can be has given Ron Davis a varied set of expertise.

Ron is a polymath, which means he knows a lot of different stuff. He’s been a programmer, photographer, paramedic, and podcaster. An avid Toastmaster he’s had leadership roles in a variety of organizations in Abilene and North Texas. An entrepreneur with a number of ventures under his belt, he’s developed a passion for helping people.