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Suanna Davis

Center Manager/Owner

Suanna Davis is the Center Manager. She first came to OsteoStrong as a customer after a broken hip and arthritis issues minimized her ability to move. After six months she and her husband Ron knew they needed to bring OsteoStrong to Abilene. She’s now the go-to person in the center to look up research if you have a particular issue you want addressed.

Penny Vieau

Assistant Manager

Penny Vieau is the Assistant Manager at OsteoStrong, starting with the Abilene center at the beginning of our journey in November 2022. She is a long-time health and fitness expert and brings her knowledge of exercise and the body to both our members and our staff, constantly increasing the value of the sessions.

Our Session Specialists


Senior Session Specialist

Shilo is a senior session specialist. She has also become a massage therapist since she started with OsteoStrong and knows the body and where and how it tends to create issues. Shilo is a leader in engaging and educating members, making sure they understand their results and answering any questions they may have.


Session Specialist

Aylin is a session specialist. She played soccer in college and has a master’s degree in sports administration. Her enthusiasm for building better bodies for health and athletics makes her a welcome addition to our team. At the end of March 2024 she will have been with us at OsteoStrong for six months.


Senior Session Specialist

Stacey is a session specialist. She moved to Abilene from Illinois in August and became part of the OsteoStrong team in Abilene at the end of 2023. Stacey has been a nurse for twenty years. Her enthusiasm and knowledge benefit our members who come in the afternoons.


Session Specialist

Alina Parks is a session specialist. She was a college athlete and has arthritis in her knees, so she knows the importance of taking care of our bodies and the issues that arise with long-term pain. She’s an enthusiastic and knowledgable support for our members who come in the mornings.

Owner / President

Ron Davis


A life-long and continuing obsession with making himself the best human he can be has given Ron Davis a varied set of expertise. Ron is a polymath, which means he knows a little bit about a lot of different stuff. He’s been a programmer, photographer, paramedic, and podcaster. An avid Toastmaster he’s had leadership roles in a variety of organizations in Abilene and North Texas. An entrepreneur with a number of ventures under his belt, he is currently the the Owner and President of Osteostrong Abilene. Osteostrong is the ultimate biohack, helping people increase the bone strength, balance and health in just 10 minutes once a week.